in|side1 [ ın`saıd ] function word ***
Inside can be used in the following ways:
as a preposition (followed by a noun):
What's inside the envelope? Inside of is sometimes used instead of inside, especially in American English:
The beetles live inside of the tree.
as an adverb (without a following noun):
I opened the box and looked inside.
as an adjective (always before a noun):
the inside pages of a newspaper
1. ) within the inner part or area of something
a ) enclosed in a container or space:
I always keep important papers locked inside my desk.
I opened up my suitcase to show them what was inside.
inside of: What's inside of the box?
b ) used for saying that someone or something is in a room or building, especially when you are outside:
Richard was now safe inside his castle.
There were lights on inside and I could hear voices.
houses without running water or an inside toilet
c ) within an area or country:
Draw a triangle inside the circle.
An F-117A Stealth aircraft crashed inside Serbia.
Kasapis scored the final goal with a low shot from inside the penalty area.
d ) on the inner side of something:
She was standing just inside the door.
Cassidy had one hand inside his jacket, as if reaching for something.
inside pocket/lining (=on the inner side of a coat, case, etc.): Adam produced a small notebook from his inside pocket.
e ) in the inner part of something:
The photographs were on the inside pages of several Sunday newspapers.
The melon was still green inside.
2. ) moving or looking into something
a ) into a building:
Come inside, out of the rain.
As I walked past the door, I glanced inside.
You're not allowed to go inside the museum without paying.
b ) into an enclosed container or empty space:
She reached inside her handbag and pulled out an envelope.
Loretta opened the fridge and peered inside.
inside of: What did he put inside of the trunk?
3. ) within an organization
a ) within an organization or group:
There is a battle being fought inside the Reform Party.
from inside: The rumors are coming from inside the company.
b ) only before noun only known by people who belong to a particular organization or group:
the inside story: the inside story of how a trade union destroyed itself
inside knowledge: They seemed to have inside knowledge of CIA operations.
inside information: The thieves clearly had inside information that allowed them to know when the building would be unguarded.
4. ) in your mind in someone's mind, but not always shown or expressed:
He was silent, but Elizabeth could sense the anger burning inside him.
I knew how stubborn he could be once he'd gotten an idea inside his head.
5. ) in your stomach
a ) already drunk or eaten:
With half a bottle of brandy inside me, I was beginning to feel unsteady.
inside of: You'll feel better once you get some dinner inside of you.
b ) used for talking about a feeling you have in your stomach:
I suddenly felt sick inside.
6. ) within a period of time done in less than a particular amount of time:
All the remaining business could be completed inside half an hour.
He swam the 200 meters just inside the European record.
inside of: They can usually give you an answer inside of an hour.
7. ) in prison INFORMAL spending time in a prison:
The poor guy did three years inside for a crime he never committed.
know someone/something inside and out
to know someone or something very well
─ opposite OUTSIDE
in|side 2 [ ın`saıd ] noun count usually singular
1. ) the inner part of something:
the inside of something: I had never seen the inside of a prison before.
2. ) the part of something that faces inward:
the inside of something: There were scratches all down the inside of my leg.
We need to clean the inside of the windows as well as the outside.
someone's inside(s) INFORMAL
the organs in a body, especially the stomach or INTESTINES:
a dead animal with its insides hanging out
on the inside
1. ) someone who is on the inside works in the organization or is a member of the group that you are talking about:
If you want to know what is really happening in a company, ask the people on the inside.
2. ) BRITISH if a car passes you on the inside, it goes between your car and the edge of the road when you are nearer the middle of the road
3. ) if someone in a race is on the inside, they are on the part of a circular track that is nearest the center

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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